gσт ѕσмєтнιηg тσ ѕαу؟      Don't life life too quickly. You'll only end up realizing your mistake too late.


I am anxious of mystifying you, working through your problems with you, and understanding you to the point at which I can’t breathe. When sober I understand you, post conflictation I compel you with an unknown reason to be near. A desire you might fear, but a conflict no less. Mental games you play as your aim is to get away. Oh the frailties of human gluttony. How can you not understand how rank and rate of consumption are confused. I gave you a piece of me not many are graced with. Be that gracious. You were not used, correctly, given… A chance to be inside me.

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In the business of my interests. For pursuit of myself. Nah to’all else. 

In the business of my interests. For pursuit of myself. Nah to’all else. 

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Not the energy, nor the creation, what we feel, for our nation. Nothing else, but negation. 

In the heat of change you remain confident in your stagnation.



What do you know? 

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Aura 0 - Empathic Ability

Yes, I can feel your vibrations, your energy. Yes, I know you intimately that way, but to describe it to you with words; only when I’m away from you. In the absence of your body I come to know your truth, being, essence in volumes. Sometimes I carry you with me, but the weight of yourself makes me forget who I am. The time it takes to forget varies, per person. I find my own self finding the least intrusive spot to get to know you. I stay there. It’s easy. Only when I understand what I’m doing, it then becomes scary. I take you, and I make it me. In a way, my soul, my light, my vibrations and molecules end up matching the residual space that your presence provides, and then leaves behind. Because embodying you is a choice. It is hard to tell the difference between ourselves, in the moment, I am not you and I am not me, but both. In this space, we create energy, we both pulsate at the same speed, that’s how we vibe. We catch the waves of vibration and turn them into feelings, sensations. It is a mind over matter choice to feel as well as be felt. You let me in. 

So, no. I don’t know how to tell you how different you are, because in that moment, we are the same. Who? Give me time to be apart to remember who I am, to know who you are and separate myself from the equation. To analyze and relate the consciousness of your mind to the person you know to be alive, vibrating, altering space and time. 

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"I destroy myself so you can’t."
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